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# N O H O M E F O R H A T E

Hateful ideologies and their sometimes more subtle symbolism have found ways to gain ground in many aspects of society and remarkably the tattoo industry, whether through well-intentioned authors of books on ancient symbols or bands looking for some extra shock value... they infiltrate slowly and before you know it, it's everywhere you look. These things and people have been relatively quiet in years past, but have found a new voice with the current disgusting executive administration of the United States. I have been largely ignorant and naive to many things, but thanks to the growing concern of individuals, some local, some not... I have found ability and cause to act so far as my power has legal warrant. Effective June 2nd 2017, Cauldron has seen a shake up in personnel to more accurately reflect our ethos and our goals. Those who remain have spent many hours in conversation with each other, as well as the community around us to try and stem the bleeding of the wounds caused by this creeping undercurrent of stupidity and myopic ideology. For me, it has opened up a much larger dialogue that NEEDS to happen for the sake of our community, our country, and our world. I urge that dialogue to continue for anyone who has felt discouraged, offended, hurt, confused, or even angered... Cauldron has its doors open, please contact us, and we WILL make time for you, even outside of normal work hours. We can no longer sit idly by, and I want to thank the people who have brought this matter to my attention because it has truly, truly helped us. Sincerely, Thank you. Hate has NO home with us. Cauldron IS a safe place, Cauldron will ALWAYS BE a safe place. This conversation will continue. -Mike Moses, Owner of Cauldron.

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